Our students represents the school on outings in other schools in and outside the city winning various prizes in competitions like Miming to the beat, Quiz, Impromtu speeches, Debate, Miming and expression, Spelling Bee as well as Dictionary drill. In the school, all teachers and students are divided into five houses namely: Patterson, Hope, Griffin, Ita and Aggrey in order for the students to fully participate in various literary and debating programmes on Thursdays. The teachers in all houses are always in attendance to guide and monitor the students’ activities. Our Preliminary Inter-Hose literary and debating festivals every July where winners must emerge. The aim is to groom the contestants that will represent their houses in the grand finale of the literary and debating festival of the whole school (B.B.H.S Junior, Senior and Mission) which comes up every week that precedes the school founder’s day (January 23).


B.B.H.S is well blessed with dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff who were posted to the school by the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission (TSC). Our teachers are very industrious, dedicated to duties and work tirelessly to achieve the goal of the school. The school as the citadel of nurturing world leaders, the entire staff of the school are always at the top of raising vibrant future leaders that will be spiritually, morally, socially and most importantly academically inclined


Our students are well trained on how to cultivate varieties of crops. There is also in the school flower nursery where flowers are nurtured before they get transplanted in dedicated places in the school for beautification. Our tick farm is second to none in the country. Kudos to the Agricultural science teachers in the school.


We offered the following subjects; English Studies, Mathematics, Nigerian Languages, Basic Science and Technology (BST), Religion and National Values (RNV), Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA), Arabic Language, Pre-Vocational Studies, Business Studies (Junior) and French Language


The senior school curriculum covers the following subjects; English Studies, Mathematics, Civic Education, Trade/Entrepreneurship Studies, Humanities, Science & Mathematics, Technology and Business Studies (Senior)